Background of WMS and Company, Inc.

WMS and Company, Inc. was founded in 1977 by three senior (principal) consultants with broad experience with one of the largest human resources consulting firms.  WMS is a national human resources consulting firm headquartered in Pottstown, Pennsylvania with a regional office in Denver, Colorado.  In its 41 year history, WMS' Equi-Comp® Method of Job Evaluation has become well regarded as the answer to how one can have the technical advantages of the older systems, but be applied and maintained more efficiently and reflect the value system of the organization.  In addition, our measurement and pricing system also meets several stringent criteria.  Namely, it is:

WMS consulting has centered around compensation management (base and incentive) and using the compensation system as the focal point for a client's growth into a totally cohesive approach to the Human Resources function.  The focus on all assignments is one of determining the issues and defining an approach which addresses and solves these issues.

Unlike firms that concentrate solely in one particular market or industry, WMS possesses a broad exposure within the US Industry and has installed numerous compensation programs in varying industries.  As a firm, WMS and Company, Inc. has conducted classification and compensation projects for over 150 organizations throughout the United States.  These vary in size (from quite small with fewer than 50 employees to very large with over 10,000 employees).  They cover all industry segments as well as the non-profit and public sectors.  The private sector includes manufacturing, financial, insurance, health care and service corporations.  The public sector includes state, county and city government as well as municipal authorities.